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Thread: 2017 Utah Prediction Contest: vs Washington State

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    2017 Utah Prediction Contest: vs Washington State

    Post your final score prediction for the game against Washington State University

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    WSU 31
    Utes 23

    I hope I am wrong. WSU is good this year.

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    Utah 38
    WSU 34
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    This feels like more of a crap shoot than any other game.

    Utah- 38
    Wazzu- 34
    Dyslexics of the world, untie!

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    Wazzu 31
    Utes 24

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    Bad Guys 38
    Good Guys 24

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    Utah - 28
    Wash St - 24

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    Washington State University 41
    University of Utah 34

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    I don't think the Utes can hold WSU out of the 30's and I don't think we can score in the 30's against their D. We will need some special teams or defensive scores to win this game.

    Utes 38
    WazZu 34

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    Utes 34
    wsu 31
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