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Thread: Season Efficiency 2017-2018

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    Utah 79 Oregon 74 (Utah 66-56)

    Tyler Rawson 21 +3.1 Troy Brown 17 #11
    David Collette 17 +1.7 MiKyle McIntosh 14 #14
    Justin Bibbins 17 +1.6 Elijah Brown 14 #14
    Sedrick Barefield 15 +7.5 Kenny Wooten 8
    Jayce Johnson 8 -1.1 Roman Sorkin 4
    Kolbe Caldwell 2 +0.1 Victor Bailey Jr. 2
    Parker Van Dyke -1 -3.4 MJ Cage 2
    Gabe Bealer -2 -9.5 Keith Smith 0

    Abu Kigab 0

    Payton Pritchard -2

    Hands down, Bibbins getting hot won this game. Something I haven't heard a lot about was the Utah defense frustrating the Ducks.
    On several occasions I noticed Oregon players jawing with each other and telling them they did something wrong.
    I hope this is the case going forward. The Utah defense is good, not great, but they play smart rotation D and there aren't many easy shots.
    I heard K talk about this team. He had a heart to heart with them and said "none of you are good enough to win one on one at either end of the floor. You need each other, use them." or something to that effect

    First off, Oregon had 0 steals and Utah had only 3 turnovers. Wow. That will win games. The two biggest games Utah has won this year (Missouri and Oregon) they have a combined 7 turnovers. Averaging 12.1 per game. Obviously huge. Utah was 10/27 from deep with is just barely above their average so I wouldn't say this was an amazing game from deep but Bibbins showed up when he needed to.
    I barely remember Rawson playing and then the dude gets a 21 PER. 3/9 from the field, 1/5 from deep, but 9 rebounds and 7 assists with only 1 turnover. The guy is so important to this team.
    Barefield +7.5 PER on his average was also huge. He's been bad on the road and vs Pac12 teams. I guess the tradeoff was Bealer disappeared.

    Second point, Pritchard was -2 PER. 2/10 from the field. 0/5 from 3. 4 turnovers. FYI he's their leader. Averaging 15.6 and 4.4 assists. Avg PER is 15.9 so he was -17.9 for the game.

    Utah was +20 on possessions. That's huge. They took +10 shots. +1 on offensive rebounds, and -8 on turnovers.
    Crazy stat, both teams went 10/27 from deep and both teams had 5 blocks (Wooten had all 5)
    14 turnovers was a season low for a Utah game. Average is 25.3 combined.
    The teams combined for 18/24 from the line, both season lows for Utah game. Total of 29 fouls was the first time there were less than 30.
    122 points was also a season low. 143.4 average.

    This was a balanced game across the board (FG almost the same 41.3% to 41.1%, three was exactly the same, Utah was +4.2% from the line 8/11 vs 10/13.
    The difference here was turnovers. Utah was -8 on turnovers and that won the game.

    Next game, Oregon State. 59th in FG%, 314th in 3pt%, 168th in points, 196th in rebounding.
    Former Ute commit Tres Tinkle is leading the team with 18.5 points, he also leads in rebounding at 6.9 and steals at 1.6.
    Drew Eubanks is a load. 6'10" 250 pounds, he's reached double figures in 11 of 13 games. Season high 26 pts and 11 rebs vs Long Beach State last month. Had a 10/10 game vs Loyola Marymount.
    The Beavers had won 6 in a row in December. A 1 pt loss to Kent State keeps them from being 10-3 and on an 8 game win streak.
    Their toughest game of the season was a 5 pt loss to St. John's. They've only faced 2 top 100 teams and lost both (Wyoming)
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    Oregon State 90 Utah 73 (Utah 66-64)

    Justin Bibbins 21 +5.2 Tres Tinkle 17 #11
    David Collette 10 -4.8 Drew Eubanks 12 #23
    Kolbe Caldwell 10 +7.4 Stephen Thompson Jr 11
    Jayce Johnson 9 -0.1 Alfred Hollins 10
    Gabe Bealer 5 -2.3 Seth Berger 9
    Tyler Rawson 5 -11.9 Zach Reichle 7
    Sedrick Barefield 5 -2.3 Ronnie Stacy 3
    Parker Van Dyke 5 +2.4 Ethan Thompson 2

    Ben Kone 1

    First off, that is not a misprint. Oregon State was a much more efficient team and Utah didn't deserve to win that game...but they did.
    Difference was simple, three point makes. Utah was +5. A couple of those become a 2 and it's overtime.
    OSU was +8 on the offensive boards, +5 rebounding overall, +3 on steals, they shot 6% better from the field, 14% better from deep and 6% better from the line
    OSU was +22 on possessions over Utah. They took +11 more shots

    Utah allows 79.9 efficiency per team. They are 2-3 in games where the opponents score better than 80 on efficiency.
    Utah averages 87.7 efficiency per team. They are 1-3 when they score under 80 on efficiency. Obviously 80 is the magic number....but not this game.

    This was a game of brothers. Oregon State plays very similar to Utah, scrappy, good passing, pound the inside, team game. Montgomery basketball.
    Tres Tinkle is their leader and was only 3/11 from the field but still led them in scoring with 14 and 17 PER.
    Barefield dropped below 90% for free thows, now at 88.9%. Utah has 4 players over 80% from the line. (Barefield, Bibbins, Tillman and Caldwell) Utah was 81.3% for the game and needed all 13 makes. This was the 7th game Utah broke the 80% at the line. 6-1 record (Butler was the loss 9/11 attempts).

    This sweep surprised a lot of people, it's a great start to the season...but the two toughest home games of the year are next. Winning on the road is what gets you into the dance.

    Next up, #17 (and rising) Arizona
    8th in FG%, 37th in 3pt %, 46th in points scored, 156th in rebounding.

    JMHC better be full and ready to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Thrill View Post
    OSU was +8 on the offensive boards, +5 rebounding overall, +3 on steals, they shot 6% better from the field, 14% better from deep and 6% better from the line
    I think you mean Utah was +6%, +14%, and +6%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sancho View Post
    I think you mean Utah was +6%, +14%, and +6%.
    You are correct.
    Utah 47.7%
    OSU 41.8%

    Utah 81.3%
    OSU 75.0%

    Utah 47.8%
    OSU 33.3%

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    Arizona 132 Utah 86 (Arizona 94-82)

    Tyler Rawson 21 -1.8 Deandre Ayton 31 #4
    Sedrick Barefield 21 +12.7 Parker Jackson-Cartwright 25 #5
    Justin Bibbins 20 +3.9 Rawle Alkins 22 #8
    David Collette 15 -1.7 Dusan Ristic 14 #18
    Donnie Tillman 12 -3.3 Allonzo Trier 14 #18
    Kolbe Caldwell 9 +0.3 Keanu Pinder 4
    Gabe Bealer 2 -4.8 Ira Lee 3
    Jayce Johnson 2 -6.5 Brandon Randolph 3
    Christian Popoola 0 -0.3 Dylan Smith 2
    Parker Van Dyke -1 -3.4 Alex Barcello -3

    First off, 132 efficiency score for a team? Keep in mind Utah had 126 vs Mississippi Valley State, a game Utah won by 40 and vs current 0-14 Delta Devils.
    Utah gave up 123 vs UNLV and 115 vs BYU. 107 vs Butler...all losses.

    Next, -23 on the boards, -14 on free throw attempts and -17 on possessions. Second chances and attacking the key won this game for Arizona.
    Utah stayed in the game by hitting three's in the second half. +14 attempts and +8 makes. Otherwise, this is a 20+ blowout win for the Wildcats.
    Arizona was 30/36 from the line, 83.3%, both season highs for Utah opponent.
    Arizona was 4/12 from deep, season lows for UO
    Utah only had 4 offensive rebounds for the second straight game. Season average is 7.7. The 23 rebounds was a season low, avg 34.6
    Utah did have 8 steals, +3 over their average but was +6 over their average on fouls and the 23 fouls was a season high.
    In Utah losses they foul more. +3.4 more fouls in Utah losses.

    Here's a huge stat. In the percentage of shot attempts to assists, Utah averages 27.1% of all shot attempts getting an assist. They allow 18.5%
    In losses for Utah that number drops to 21.8% but they allow 24.0% of all shots to come off an assist. The answer to that is simple...better teams.
    In wins for Utah that number jumps to 29.3% and they only allow 16.4%.
    Versus Arizona Utah actually scored high with a 30.5% 18 assists on 59 attempts and only allowed 25.0% (15 ast / 60 shot att)...Utah played well enough to win but the second chances killed them.

    The 58 free throw attempts were a season high for a Utah game.
    69 rebounds were right at the season average for a Utah game.
    The 176 points scored were +31.2 over the average Utah game.
    And the combined 204 efficiency was the first 200+ efficiency game this season. Avg 158.5
    Utah is currently shooting the highest % of the season from deep.
    Started at 25% and shot up to 36.7% then went as low as 31.7% after UNLV and has now climbed back up to 36.7%
    Free throw shooting peaked at 79.3% after the Utah State game, currently at 78.2%
    2pt shots peaked in game 1 at 66.7% and has gone straight down since. Currently at 52.7% (just 2pt not including 3pt)

    The two bright spots in this game were the Utes held Allonzo Trier to 7 points, -14.3 under his average.
    But Jackson-Cartwright who was averaging 7 pts, got 19 vs the Utes so they offset.

    The other bright spot was Utah didn't give up. Down 17 I gave up, I thought they would. The crowd was great, Ayton was just better.

    Side note, Emmanuel Akot should've been a Ute.

    Bring on the Devils. Dammit they lost...they're going to be pissed on Sunday and the Devil hates Sundays. Tough game

    ASU is 23rd in FG%, 42nd in 3pt%, 74th in Pts scored and 111th in Rebounding.

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    Arizona State 101 Utah 82 (ASU 80-77)

    Tyler Rawson 22 +4.9 Shannon Evans II 22 #8
    Justin Bibbins 20 +3.6 Kodi Justice 14 #19
    David Collette 17 +2.1 Remy Martin 13
    Sedrick Barefield 16 +7.1 Tra Holder 12
    Jayce Johnson 6 -2.3 Mickey Mitchell 8
    Kolbe Caldwell 2 -0.6 De'Quon Lake 7
    Parker Van Dyke 2 -0.3 Kimani Lawrence 3
    Chris Seeley -1 -6.8 Romello White 1
    Gabe Bealer -2 -8.2 Vitaliy Shibel 1

    Heartbreaker but ASU is a solid team, not #4 but they are good.
    The one bright side of this week is that Tra Holder and Allonzo Trier didn't kill the Utes....but Shannon Evans and Parker Jackson-Cartwright did.

    Utah was 29/36 from the line, both season highs. 3rd straight game shooting over 80% from the line.
    31 fouls by ASU was +10 for a Utah opponent.
    For the 3rd straight game Utah got killed on possessions. -22 vs Oregon St, -17 vs Arizona and -18 vs Arizona State
    This is all on the offensive boards. -8 vs OSU, -10 vs AZ and -7 vs ASU. Second chances.

    Giving up 1/4 rebounds to the offense is where you want to be.
    Below are the opponents offensive rebounding opportunity results, remember the goal is 25%
    37.5% vs Oregon State
    46.7% vs Arizona
    32.3% vs Arizona State

    For Utah on the offensive glass, again getting over 25% is key. Utah is at 24.4% for the season.
    17.4% vs Oregon State
    12.1% vs Arizona
    14.3% vs Arizona State

    What this means is Utah is getting beat on the boards.
    For the 4th straight game (all Pac12) Utah has been out-rebounded.
    -3 Oregon
    -5 Oregon State
    -23 Arizona
    -4 Arizona State

    Collette season avg 4.6 rebounds - avg 3.3 in the Pac12
    Tillman season avg 6.3 rebounds - avg 6 in 1 Pac12 game
    Seeley had 17 rebounds in 2 games - 0 since
    Jayce Johnson 5.6 and Rawson 6.4 are the most consistent.

    Utah is missing that rebounding monster. Kuzma averaged 9.3 last year. Just don't have that guy this year.
    Jayce is a beast on the boards but he's such an offensive liability he can't be out there.

    Utah will be fine, they didn't get blown out in either game. Arizona and Arizona State might be 1, 2 in the league this year.

    Next up UCLA...78th in FG%, 84th in 3pt%, 26th in scoring, 17th in rebounding.
    SoCal Trip.

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    UCLA 112 Utah 67 (UCLA 83-64)

    David Collette 16 +1.1 Prince Ali 22 #8
    Chris Seeley 13 +5.8 Aaron Holiday 21 #12
    Tyler Rawson 11 -5.8 Kris Wilkes 21 #12
    Justin Bibbins 11 -5.1 Jaylen Hands 13
    Gabe Bealer 6 -0.2 Thomas Welsh 9
    Christian Popoola 3 +2.4 Gyorgy Goloman 5
    Sedrick Barefield 2 -6.4 Alex Olesinksi 3
    Beau Rydalch 2 +0.5 Alec Wulff 2
    Parker Van Dyke 1 -1.3 Chris Smith 0
    Jake Connor 1 +0.1

    Kolbe Caldwell 0 -2.4

    Jakub Jokl 0 -1.7

    First off, welcome back Chris Seeley. 3/5 from the field, 7 rebounds in 19 minutes. I can't wait to see Seeley and Tillman at full strength.
    Second, what is with Barefield on the road? Dude just disappears.

    UCLA only had 8 turnovers. The 3rd time a team had less than 10 turnovers (E Washington and Oregon St)
    UCLA only had 14 fouls. Is that Chris Hill's fault? Maybe
    UCLA was +5 on steals. +5 on three pointers made. -5 on turnovers.
    Utah was awful from deep, 7/26 at 26.9% is bad. Especially when UCLA goes 12/23 52.2%
    Utah was 1/3 from the right wing. 0/4 from right corner. 2/5 from the top. 2/11 from the left side wing. 2/3 from left corner (both Bealer)
    Utah did much better on the boards. Allowed 78.6% of Utah shots UCLA defensive rebounded (goal is 75%) and 29.6% of UCLA shots offensive rebounded (goal 25%)
    This was a very low free throw game. Utah games average 30/39 combined. This game was 22/26, only 30 fouls (avg 38 for Utah game combined)
    Only 2 blocks, both from Utah.
    147 points was just over the average Utah game at 145.7
    UCLA was +11 on possessions

    Utah first 7 minutes of 1st half they were outscored 9-21
    Utah first 5 minutes of 2nd half they were outscored 4-11
    During that 12 minutes Utah was 13-32
    The other 28 minutes Utah was even at 51-51
    They must not let teams get out on them at the beginning of the halves.

    Bring on the Trojans.
    USC is 73rd in FG%, 49th in 3Pt%, 34th in scoring, 133rd in rebounding.
    USC looks to be favored to win 77-72

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    USC 104 Utah 71 (USC 84-67)

    Jayce Johnson 21 +11.8 Jordan McLaughlin 18 18th
    Justin Bibbins 16 -0.1 Jonah Mathews 16 21st
    David Collette 13 -1.8 Bennie Boatwright 14 24th
    Donnie Tillman 10 -3.0 Elijah Stewart 11
    Parker Van Dyke 9 +6.4 Shaqquan Aaron 10
    Tyler Rawson 4 -12.0 Jordan Usher 10
    Chris Seeley 1 -5.2 Chimezie Metu 9
    Christian Popoola 1 +0.4 Nick Rakocevic 6
    Gabe Bealer 0 -5.8 Derryck Thornton 2
    Sedrick Barefield -6 -13.5 Victor Uyaelunmo 1

    Harrison Henderson 0

    Charles O'Bannon Jr -1

    Jayce Johnson coming out party. 5/5 from the field. 9 rebounds. 0 turnovers. Great game, great effort.
    Tillman seems to be everywhere on the court. He is a big body. Can't wait for him to be at 100% physically and mentally.
    PVD had a great game. 2/2 from deep and both shots were beautiful, in rhythm. That's the PVD we've been waiting for.

    The rest of you...WTF?
    Barefield literally disappears on the road, every single statistic is lower on the road for Sedrick
    Field goals - 37.9% at home. 27.6% on the road
    3pt % - 33.3% at home. 18.2% on the road
    FT% - 92% at home. 88.9% on the road
    Assists - 3.1 at home. 1.8 on the road
    Points - 12.1 at home. 9.0 on the road
    PER - 9.6 at home. 4.0 on the road
    - What is his deal? Is it mental? It's not playing time, that's the only category that increases 28.7 min at home, 30.5 min on the road

    USC did a great job on Rawson. They made him fight for everything on offense which left his dragging on defense.
    He's another guy who disappears on the road. His worst 4 games were (@UCLA, @Oregon St, @Butler, @USC)
    Field goals - 48.8% at home. 38.1% on the road
    3pt % - 42.9% at home. 23.1% on the road
    FT% - 81.8% at home. 66.7% on the road
    Points - 12.3 at home. 7.3 on the road
    PER - 18.4 at home. 11.7 on the road

    These guys have to play better on the road.

    Utah was -33 possessions vs USC. In fact, since the Oregon game Utah has been getting killed on possessions. This includes, turnovers, steals, offensive rebounds, shot attempts.
    Utah didn't lose this game from deep, although Utah is 0-4 when they make less three pointers than their opponent. They were worse against UCLA -25.3% from deep. Only -6.6% worse vs USC.
    They lost this game on simply possessions. -5 offensive rebounds, +10 turnovers, -18 shot attempts, -3 steals. Sloppy basketball, USC just out hustled them.

    USC picked up 34.2% of their offensive rebounding opportunities. The goal is to not give up more than 25%. This is the 7th game in a row Utah allowed higher than 25%.
    Utah on the other hand has done better on the offensive boards. 30.8% vs USC. 8 offensive boards on 26 missed shots. That's not bad, they just need to stop the other teams. Tillman will help.

    I liked Seeley and his aggression. The little altercation he got into was fine, he was being aggressive. The Tillman dunk on Metu was big time. Those two showed why they're considered the most athletic guys on the team.
    Seeley is 6/13 from the line this season. I know he wears glasses, maybe pick them up before you head to the line?

    Bibbins leads the time in minutes played. He plays 82.9% of every game. Next closest is Rawson at 75%.
    Collette is barely playing 53% of every game. That's foul trouble. He leads the team with 3.1 PF/Gm

    The team leader right now is Bibbins. He leads in 8 of 22 categories (Minutes 33.2, 3pm/g 2.7, ast/g 4.8, stl/g 1.1, pts/g 13.9, PER/g 16.1, 3p% 47.4%, ast/to 2.38) - worst category is offensive rebounds per game 0.3
    Rawson is 2nd
    Collette is 3rd
    Tillman is 4th
    Barefield is 5th

    The brutal start to the season is over. Washington and Washington St should be home wins. Utes need them.
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    Best Ute performances to date for this season.

    31 Justin Bibbins -- Northwestern State
    29 David Collette -- Eastern Washington
    27 Tyler Rawson -- Northwestern State
    25 Tyler Rawson -- @BYU - Double Double
    24 Gabe Bealer -- Mississippi Valley State
    23 Justin Bibbins -- Utah State
    22 Tyler Rawson -- Mississippi Valley State
    22 Donnie Tillman -- Missouri - Double Double
    22 Justin Bibbins -- Ole Miss
    22 Tyler Rawson -- Arizona State
    21 Tyler Rawson -- Prairie View A&M
    21 Tyler Rawson -- Ole Miss
    21 David Collette -- Utah State
    21 Tyler Rawson -- @Oregon
    21 Justin Bibbins -- @Oregon State
    21 Sedrick Barefield -- Arizona
    21 Jayce Johnson -- @USC
    20 David Collette -- Prairie View A&M
    20 Sedrick Barefield -- Prairie View A&M
    20 David Collette -- Hawai'i
    20 Donnie Tillman -- @Butler
    20 Justin Bibbins -- Arizona
    20 Justin Bibbins -- Arizona State
    19 Donnie Tillman -- UNLV - Double Double
    19 Donnie Tillman -- Hawai'i
    18 Justin Bibbins -- Mississippi Valley State
    18 Tyler Rawson -- Utah State
    17 Chris Seeley -- Mississippi Valley State
    17 Donnie Tillman -- Ole Miss
    17 Tyler Rawson -- Eastern Washington
    17 David Collette -- @Oregon
    17 Justin Bibbins -- @Oregon
    17 David Collette -- Arizona State
    16 Sedrick Barefield -- Eastern Washington
    16 Tyler Rawson -- Hawai'i
    16 Sedrick Barefield -- Arizona State
    16 David Collette -- @UCLA
    16 Justin Bibbins -- @USC

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    Utah 77 Washington 74 (Utah 70-62)

    Justin Bibbins 28 +11.3 Noah Dickerson 17 #19
    Donnie Tillman 15 +1.8 Jaylen Nowell 15
    Tyler Rawson 12 -3.8 Sam Timmins 8
    David Collette 11 -3.6 Michael Carter III 8
    Jayce Johnson 11 +1.7 Dominic Green 7
    Chris Seeley 5 -1.0 Matisse Thybulle 3
    Parker Van Dyke 0 -2.5 Hameir Wright 3
    Gabe Bealer -3 -8.3 David Crisp -1
    Sedrick Barefield -3 -9.9 Nahziah Carter -3

    What has happened to Sedrick Barefield? I almost forgot he was on the team.
    Bibbins has been on fire lately. He's averaging 4.1 three point makes per game since Northwestern State. 8 attempts. 51.6%
    His PER since BYU is 20.5 per game.
    When your 5'8" point guard gets 10 rebounds and your 6'10" power forward has a "great game" with 5. SMH

    Chris Hill, money well spent. +11 ft makes and +12 free throw attempts.
    Utah held Washington to 6 assists on 65 shots. That's 9.2% a season low for Utah opponent. -7 on fouls.
    Utah averages 27.4% on assists to shot attempts for the season. 25.0% vs Washington
    Utah was +14.4% from deep. 7/27 for Utah - 2/18 for Washington
    Possessions were closer to even for the first time in Pac12 play. Utah was -20 possessions per game since Oregon. -4 vs Washington
    Utah was -4 on steals and -3 on blocks. Washington was more athletic, but Utah is a better team.
    Utah games average 145 points, this game was 132 total. Only the third time under 135.
    This was a terrible shooting game. 82 rebounds was the third time there were 80+ rebounds.
    The combined 38% is only the 3rd time teams combined for worse than 40%.

    Utah killed it on the offensive boards. 51.4% of all offensive rebound opportunities were had. Season high before was 37.9% (Ole Miss)
    Utah had 18 offensive boards (season high) on 35 missed shots. If a team gets over 25% they have a higher probability of winning.
    Sadly, Washington also had an above average offensive rebounding game. 42.5%. It's really the only thing that kept them in this game. That and steals.
    Speaking of steals, what was up with Barefield just throwing the ball to Washington? SMFH

    Bring on the Cougars. Utah can't afford a letdown. They need that Washington St game for confidence before they head to Arizona
    Washington St
    161st in FG% - 33rd in 3pt% - 215th in scoring - 215th in rebounding.

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    I look toward to theses after every game, win or lose. Thanks Thrill.
    Dyslexics of the world, untie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisrenrut View Post
    I look toward to theses after every game, win or lose. Thanks Thrill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sancho View Post
    Awe shucks guys. I'm kind of a nerd so I do them for myself, selfishly. Then arrogantly post them here hoping somebody cares.
    Thanks for the thumbs up.

    I'll keep going then.

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    I rarely mention it either. But I am happy to see the stats breakdown you post. Very interesting stuff!

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    Utah 107 WAZZU 100 (Utah 82-69)

    Tyler Rawson 26 +9.7 Malachi Flynn 20 #14
    Justin Bibbins 20 +3.1 Robert Franks 18 #19
    Sedrick Barefield 19 +11.4 Carter Skaggs 12
    Gabe Bealer 15 +9.2 Drick Bernstine 10
    Jayce Johnson 14 +4.4 Arinze Chidom 8
    David Collette 9 -5.3 Kwinton Hinson 3
    Chris Seeley 4 -1.8 Viont'e Daniels 2
    Donnie Tillman 4 -8.5 Davante Cooper 0
    Christian Popoola 1 +0.4 Jamar Ergas 0
    Parker Van Dyke 0 -2.4 Milan Acquaah -1
    Beau Rydalch 0 -1.0 Steven Shpreyregin -2
    Jake Connor -1 -1.7 Jeff Polalrd -3
    Kolbe Caldwell -4 -6.0

    Barefield played with a chip on his shoulder, benching him worked.
    PVD made the least out of his start.

    My favorite stat. Assists to shot attempts. Utah got their 2nd highest for the year 34.9%. 22 assists 63 shots. (MSVST 36.4%)
    Utah was +10 on assists and for the first time in a long time +8 on possessions. 2nd time in P12 play (Oregon +20)
    For the season Utah averages -5.4 less possessions than their opponent.
    Utah was -4 on turnovers, +4 on steals, +4 on blocks. All good things.

    The 31 three point attempts was the 2nd time all year with 30+ three point attempts (ASU 36)
    13 makes from deep tied the 2nd best for the season. MVST 13, Northwestern St 15
    The Utes reached the 100 efficiency total for the 5th time this year. 1st in Pac12 play.
    This was the 8th game a team has reached 100. 5 in Pac12.

    There were only 26 fouls called (Utah 14 WAZZU 12)
    Utah games average 37.7 fouls per game. Only the 3rd time all year under 30 fouls. (Oregon trip, both games)
    The teams combined for 85% (season high combined) 17/20. Utah 9/10 WAZZU 8/10

    Back to assists to shots. In Utah wins they are 29.4% of all shot attempts get an assist.
    In Utah losses that number drops to 25%.
    Assists drop from 16.8 in wins to 13.4 in losses
    Only two categories improve in Utah losses . +0.5 more steals and +2.5 more personal fouls (not a good thing)
    In Utah wins they rebound better. 37.9 rebounds per win. 27.6 rebounds per loss.

    Obviously pass the ball and protect the glass and Utah wins. Easy enough?
    The 26 PER from Rawson was the 5th best of the year. 8/10 FG, 6/7 from deep 6 rebounds
    Bibbins reached double figures in assists for the first time all year. Currently averaging 4.5 assists (#1 on Utah)

    Great win and confidence builder for next week. The Arizona trip. Don't be scared, they're both beatable.

    I will not be providing a report on those games until next Sunday. 1 would be great, both would be better!
    Taking the family to Disneyland for the week. I'll be the guy wearing Utah red standing in line for a chicken leg.

    Go Utes

    Next up...ASU, currently 3-4 and behind Utah in the standings.
    ASU is 49th in FG%, 40th in 3pt%, 41st in scoring, 133rd in rebounding.

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