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  1. BOOM!!!! First Political Thread: Sad State of the Media Today
  2. The Bear and the Bull, Financial Markets thread
  3. Chinese PLA hacker group
  4. Are bank profits are taxpayer funded?
  5. Sequestration will actually happen
  6. The health care debate thread.
  7. Kasserine Pass
  8. The Utah Liquor Law Mess
  9. Happy Sequestration Day!
  10. Printable guns ... New and Improved Printable Gun Spew Hundreds of Bullets
  11. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for tomorrow Obama will save us
  12. Guns rights vs Parental rights
  13. Dennis Rodman about Kim Jong Un -- "I love him... the guy is awesome"
  14. Battle of the Bismarck Sea
  15. Post your predictions on the next financial bubble to burst...
  16. Hugo Chávez ya no es presidente de Venezuela
  17. The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking
  18. Go Rand!
  19. Soda ban struck down...
  20. Korean War Remembered -- Why it Still Matters
  21. "American Fleet Nearly Destroyed!" and Other Mistaken First Reports
  22. The Pope Francis Thread: The Italians Picked an American Pope with Italian Parents
  23. Cyprus
  24. Size 6 - 10 female mannequins
  25. How to Make GarthUte Have a Rage Stroke
  26. Barack Obama = Satan?
  27. How to stick it to "The Man" or ...
  28. For the Hill AFB Employees of the Board
  29. Drone Wars
  30. Leading atheist branded a ‘heretic’ for daring to question Darwinism
  31. 32 years ago today...
  32. Jew In The Box
  33. Bitcoins. Bubble or newest currency? Your thoughts?
  34. Great Quotes
  35. What class categories do you fit in?
  36. The Naked Communist 50 years later.
  37. Female Soldiers in Infantry positions
  38. What is up with North Korea?
  39. The Higher Education Thread
  40. "Usuable Past"
  41. The political cartoon, GIF, and YouTube thread
  42. The Official Civil War Thread
  43. Explosions at the Boston Marathon...
  44. "The Bible got this one right"
  45. Get Yamamoto
  46. Are the two subjects in the Boston Marathon bombing Middle Eastern?
  47. Who Mitt could have been.
  48. What is terror?
  49. Syria's Civil Strife
  50. "I will not rest until more people have jobs...."
  51. Plasma
  52. Dr. Martin Fleischmann passes away
  53. Guns and HR
  54. The Cleveland Hostages
  55. IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups for Scrutiny
  56. The World War II Thread
  57. Benghazi
  58. The Global Energy Thread
  59. A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries
  60. Oklahoma Tornados
  61. What is Racism?
  62. BSA first says it will now allow gay scouts, but not gay leaders; but now leaders too
  63. Thanks to all who have served
  64. I hope this category has more thoughtful messages than you find on UTEFANS
  65. The DHS
  66. Make your SCOTUS predictions here!
  67. Train derailed in Baltimore...
  68. D-Day Anniversary Today
  69. With the news that the NSA is gathering data from Verizon...
  70. Commute Times
  71. US State Department troubles...
  72. The right wing paranoia thread.
  73. Drones and the 2nd Amendment
  74. "The Problem Within Islam"
  75. Comic relief: students and parents in China riot against teachers fighting cheating
  76. "Hypocrite of the Century"
  77. The Berlin Airlift
  78. Zimmerman trial
  79. Morsi ousted by military in Egypt...
  80. Airline crash landing at SF airport...
  81. Faces of the Revolutionary War
  82. A thread highlighting waste in the military industrial complex
  83. Zimmerman verdict
  84. How Do You Fix Our Country?
  85. Norm Ornstein article in the National Journal
  86. California
  87. Phony scandals
  88. Political discourse, the presidency, and circus clowns
  89. Human brain-to-brain control
  90. On the Phenomenon of Bull$#+ Jobs
  91. MLK's Dream Speech is 50 today
  92. Was Mitt Romney Right About Everything?
  93. What is "Liberal"? What is "Conservative"?
  94. Help Kickstart World War III !
  95. The Syrian Crisis Thread
  96. Any given Sunday...
  97. Main Street vs Wall Street
  98. Link to help my friend Dave.
  99. Stay At Home Mom's
  100. Happy Bartolomé Day or Why Columbus Was a Wretched Evil Man
  101. The Boy Scouts of America. Molesting children and destroying national parks.
  102. America’s Mood Map: An Interactive Guide to the United States of Attitude Read more:
  103. Anti-rape underwear is actually a thing — and not necessarily a bad one
  104. Listening to Christie Speech
  105. My Plea to the GOP
  106. Alleged Duke Lacrosse victim convicted of 2nd degree murder...
  107. Bomb threat at West Hills Middle School in West Jordan
  108. Nelson Mandela has died.
  109. Can the F-35 Dogfight?
  110. Earthrise: Apollo 8
  111. Lincoln and Slavery
  112. The Flawed Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)
  113. Isaac Asimov's Predictions About 2014 Are Eerily Accurate
  114. Tiger Mom’s claim that cultures blessed with ‘triple package’ get ahead in America sp
  115. anybody else finding it amusing and a little shocking about how unprepared cities
  116. The Joe Biden Thread
  117. Let's fix the economy
  118. Countmyvoteutah.org
  119. "After-Birth Abortion" The pro-choice case for infanticide.
  120. Dealing with narcotics offenders
  121. Unrest in Ukraine
  122. Governor's State of Sport Awards
  123. Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEigth
  124. "Silicon Valley scares Americans:" Does It?
  125. Salt Lake Tribune future in Jeopardy?
  126. How the middle class lifestyle became unaffordable.
  127. The Bergdahl Thread
  128. Mormon HS student shooter wanted to "kill sinners"...
  129. Obama Agonistes
  130. The Third Iraq War
  131. Woodrow Wilson and Race
  132. The Border Crisis - Children as Pawns?
  133. The saga of Swallow and Shurtleff and the corruption of politics
  134. The Official World War I Thread
  135. Stop and seize
  136. 22 maps and charts that will surprise you
  137. 2014 elections
  138. Why does Jennifer Lawrence feel the necessity to compete with porn?
  139. Mark Strand
  140. UNICEF India - Take The Poo To The Loo
  141. Couple raise child as 'gender neutral' to avoid stereotyping
  142. Assisted suicide is legal in Canada
  143. VA Restrcturing Effort
  144. What ISIS Really Wants
  145. Baby Rescued from Spanish Fork River
  146. Religious expression defending itself with a shield or attacking with a sword?
  147. CEO to Pay All of His Employees at Least $70,000 a Year
  148. Charm City Lacking in Charm - The Baltimore Riots Thread
  149. Why do men still exist
  150. The role of the LDS Church in Utah politics
  151. John Nash died yesterday
  152. So what does Utah do when the federal government decriminalizes marijuana?
  153. New F-35 waxed by old F-16 in test flight.
  154. The official Donald Trump thread
  155. Privilege makes them do it — what a study of Internet trolls reveals
  156. Planned Parenthood and Fetal Body Parts
  157. Some nervous Texans are stockpiling ammo, hiding weapons ‘just in case’ as Jade Helm
  158. How railroads, highways and other man-made lines racially divide America’s cities
  159. Did some looking into the record after a conversation with a co-worker
  160. 2016 Presidential Election
  161. "Taking Crenshaw out of the Kid"
  162. The new prison
  163. A different modesty meme ...
  164. Official: 2 U.S. Marines stop Islamist attacker on train in France
  165. What to do about Iran?
  166. #CoverTheAthlete
  167. An Open Mind
  168. What to do About ISIS?
  169. What to do about political correctness
  170. Never Change North Carolina...
  171. An officer down in my neighborhood
  172. BYU facing discrimination accusations
  173. National Economics: Keynes or Hayek? Or something else?
  174. When Mormons weren't White
  175. The official "Good bye Justice Scalia, hello chaos" thread
  176. The encryption debate
  177. Shame on you, Steve M.
  178. Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill
  179. The Salt Lake Tribune
  180. Which bathroom should I use?
  181. So, If You Think Utah is Bad, Check out Alabama
  182. A Better War: Creighton Abrams and Vietnam
  183. The Conversation About War and Our Veterans We Refuse to Have
  184. The Coming of the Third Reich: A 'Revolution of Destruction'
  185. The History of Urbanization, 3700 BC - 2000 AD
  186. What to do about China?
  187. Police shooting in Baltimore
  188. The ultimate limousine liberal
  189. This is scary
  190. The double-edged sword of technology - and how do we adjust, as a society
  191. Justice Department announces it will no longer use private prisons
  192. Political worldviews - how they differ, evolve, embody our own worldviews, etc
  193. Utah state elections thread
  194. Someone convince me how, over 50 or 100 years, mankind avoids major nuclear war.
  195. Fidel Castro Is Dead
  196. God Speed John Glenn
  197. A test at age 3 can predict whether children ...
  198. Millennials in the Workplace
  199. Changes to Homeless Shelters in SLC
  200. The Fallen of World War II
  201. Commuting Chelsea Manning's Sentence
  202. Utes at Inauguration. Could it be someone we know?
  203. Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination
  204. I am a member of the intellectual, liberal elite – it's time ...
  205. Hill AFB F-35A Lightnings at Rd Flag 17-01
  206. Orange Defends the Crown: Trump Executive Order Thread
  207. Celebrities and Politics
  208. Mr. Chaffetz' Wild Ride
  209. Harvard Launches Free Online Class To Promote Religious Literacy
  210. Utah politicians do the darnedest things
  211. Climate Change
  212. Portraits of Courage: A Former President's Paintings of Wounded Warriors
  213. North Korea
  214. How Utah (the state) Thrives
  215. The Case For Renewable Energy
  216. US Privacy Laws
  217. US airstrikes in Syria
  218. Campus Social Justice Warriors
  219. News media bias
  220. Global Warming
  221. The Handmaid's Tale is just like Trump's America? Not so fast
  222. Russians outfoxed by the ... French!?
  223. Coral Sea: 75th of the First Carrier Battle
  224. Art and Politics
  225. Mattis Talks Strategy with the Senate Armed Services Committee
  226. Dealing with domestic terrorism
  227. Massive RNC voter data leak
  228. "Today’s tech oligarchs are worse than the robber barons"
  229. When will the market crash: 2017 edition
  230. What About North Korea?
  231. White Privilege
  232. Solar Eclipse
  233. Campus Title IX Investigations.
  234. Really bad political ads
  235. Questioning our Assumptions
  236. Hypocrisy and misbehavior among our elites
  237. Technology in politics
  238. George W. Bush Tackles Trumpism Without Mentioning Trump
  239. Gold Star Families
  240. The Russia Dossier
  241. Life in the Trump Era, Part 2
  242. Roy Moore and Alabama
  243. Political cartoons
  244. GOP tax cuts & young families on the endangered species list
  245. The Pervalanche Thread (including the Jeff Epstein debacle)
  246. The 10 year cyber war
  247. Goodbye Orrin Hatch
  248. Romney for Senate: Will Utah elect the anti-Trump?
  249. Afghanistan
  250. Elementary, my dear Watkins. Utah's new President