View Full Version : Its Friday - another NHL thread

03-01-2013, 10:02 AM
So a couple things:

What the hell Pittsburgh?! I mean, losing to Florida was bad enough, but follow that up with an absolute turd-sandwich-like performance in Carolina?!?! COME ON! Malkin skating without concussion symptoms is good, especially because us Penguins fans have been down that road too often, but now we're hearing that Martin has a lower-body injury and we're suddenly down 2 of our top 5 guys...just great.

Heard on the radio today the question of whether Chicago's historic run is legitimate or not, due to it being in the lockout. I'm of the opinion that any run like that is legitimate - both teams still come to play the game and one of them has to win. Chicago has been doing that with regularity. Right now, they are the cup favorites because they are playing the best. Now, I know hockey is all about runs, and it remains to be seen who is going to be the hot team going into the end of April, but Chicago definitely has a chance to come away with it all.

Also, I hate Pierre McGuire...just saying.