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04-28-2013, 10:06 PM
I have horrible allergies. Cats, grass, dust, blah blah blah. This year is as bad as ever. I was taking Claritin but it is losing its effectiveness and just takes the edge off.

Every year I go through this. Trying to find something that is a non drowsy medicine that will work. Every year I get a little help and end up going back the only truly effective allergy need for me.

Chlor Trimeton. The little yellow pills are gold. But, they knock me out. Cold.

I hate having allergies. I feel like such a slave to them and the little pills. It's horrible.

We just bought a new home with a pool. I'm hoping that jumping in the pool might help with the allergies. That's just wishful thinking perhaps, but maybe it will work.

Anyone have any sure fire ways to deal with seasonal allergies?

San Diego Ute Fan
04-30-2013, 03:04 AM
I had spent the better part of 26 years with horrendous allergies in Utah. Nothing helped that didn't involve the Sandman sending me off to sleepy land.

Our move to San Diego was wonderful, in terms of no more allergies, but gradually after about 10 years, the suffering became just as severe every Spring and Fall.

The thing that has literally saved me is Zyrtec. I take one tiny pill every night before bed, 365 days. It prevents suffering before symptoms have a chance to develop. NO side effects whatsoever. Much more effective for me than Claritin.

I buy the store brand at Costco in large quantities at a fraction of the relatively pricey original.

Try Zyrtec if you haven't yet. It's done wonders for me.

I receive no compensation from Zyrtec or Costco for this endorsement. Heh heh heh.

04-30-2013, 11:14 AM
I swim most mornings, and I do get some relief, but it only lasts a few hours. Zyrtec makes me have insomnia, so I just take 24 Claritin-D in the mornings. But, I had a migraine that last six days (it ended last night) that I'm worried is tied to all these allergies and their accompanying sinus issues.

Dwight Schr-Ute
07-23-2019, 09:15 PM
My youngest has just been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. The rudimentary explanation to us was that it’s essentially the same eczema that he has on the backs of his legs down the inside of his esophagus triggered by something in his diet.

During his five year wellness check up in April, his weight was under 1% of BMI for his age. He’s been a very picky eater and in the last year had started to eliminate some of the few foods he would eat. Our concern peaked when he would no longer drink Pedia-Sure. So we started seeing an eating therapist to see if that would help. After a couple meetings, he became concerned that my son wasn’t so much chewing his food as sort of just mushing it in his mouth and swallowing it in little efforts. So he wanted us to get an endoscopy to make sure there weren’t any obstructions that we’re making it hard for him to swallow. So we met with a otolaryngologist and scheduled the endoscopy. That was a couple of weeks ago and the camera showed the trademark signs of swelling and took a couple of biopsies. He called this afternoon with the results and I guess a normal result for someone with EOE is about 20 and my sons result was over 200. :blink:

Soooo...it looks like step one is to start the “six food elimination diet. Milk, eggs, soy, wheat, nuts and sea food. Damn.

Anyone have experience with anything like this? Brand recommendations? Substitutions? Whole Foods coupons?

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07-24-2019, 10:48 AM
My wife is going thru something similar and it finally has gotten bad enough for her to schedule an appointment with her doctor. I let you know what comes of it...