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Thread: The Trojans, the Ducks, the Bruins, and all those guys: The PAC-12 rivals thread

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    Announced today that Bryce Love tore his ACL in their bowl game. I still can’t believe Moss is coming back.

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    That sucks--no good deed goes unpunished.

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    Interesting data from Jon Wilner:


    The bowl ratings breakdown

    Ratings for bowl games typically don't occupy a place of prominence on the Hotline's radar, but this is not a typical winter. Over the coming months, conferences will finalize the bowl arrangements for the cycle of games beginning with the 2020 season.

    The partnerships -- both existing and potential -- are based on a variety of factors, and we're not suggesting a single ratings point for any given game will impact the Pac-12's future lineup.

    That said, the viewership numbers occupy a place on the broader canvass that influences decisions made by the bowls and their communities, the conferences and the TV networks.

    With that in mind, and with the data culled from sportsmediawatch (an invaluable site), the Hotline compiled the ratings for the Pac-12 bowl games over the past three years.

    • Ratings not available for all games.
    • I have included, at bottom, the conference's one-off matchups games, such as Utah in the Heart of Dallas Bowl in 2017 or the New Year’s Six matchups, in addition to all the contracted games.)

    • Keep in mind that ratings can be impacted by competition.

    Rose Bowl

    2016: 8.6 rating/15.7 million (USC vs. Penn State)

    2017: 13.7 rating/26.9 million (Georgia vs. Oklahoma/CFP)

    2018: 8.9 rating/16.8 million (Washington vs. Ohio State)

    Alamo Bowl

    2016: 2.6 rating/4.6 million (Colorado vs. Oklahoma State)

    2017: 2.5 rating/4.4 million (Stanford vs. TCU)

    2018: 3.2 rating/5.5 million (Washington State vs. Iowa State)

    Holiday Bowl

    2016: 2.4 rating/4.0 million (Washington State vs. Minnesota)
    2017: not available/1.6 million (Washington State vs. Michigan State)
    2018: 0.9 rating/1.8 million (Utah vs. Northwestern)

    Redbox Bowl

    2016: 1.6 rating/2.6 million (Utah vs. Indiana)
    2017: 1.7 rating/2.8 million (Arizona vs. Purdue)
    2018: 2.3 rating/3.8 million (Oregon vs. Michigan State)

    Sun Bowl

    2016: 1.9 rating/2.9 million (Stanford vs. North Carolina)
    2017: 1.5 rating/2.2 million (Arizona State vs. N.C. State)
    2018: 1.8 rating/2.6 million (Stanford vs. Pittsburgh)

    Las Vegas Bowl

    2016: no Pac-12 participant
    2017: 2.3 rating/3.8 million (Oregon vs. Boise State)
    2018: 2.25 rating/3.3 million (Arizona State vs. Fresno State)

    Cheez-It Bowl

    2016: no Pac-12 participant
    2017: not available/3.3 million (UCLA vs. Kansas State)
    2018: 1.6 rating/2.7 million (Cal vs. TCU)

    Peach Bowl/CFP

    2016: 10.7 rating/19.3 million (Washington vs. Alabama)

    Cotton Bowl/NY6
    2017: 5.3 rating/9.5 million (USC vs. Ohio State)

    Fiesta Bowl/NY6

    2017: 5.7 rating/10.2 million (Washington vs. Penn State)

    Heart of Dallas
    2017: not available/2.2 million (Utah vs. West Virginia)

    We'll have more on the Pac-12's postseason lineup as the discussions deepen and contracts are finalized over the winter and spring. — Jon Wilner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Schr-Ute View Post
    Announced today that Bryce Love tore his ACL in their bowl game. I still can’t believe Moss is coming back.

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    Didn't he miss their bowl game? I think the injury happened in their last regular-season game

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