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    Stay At Home Mom's

    Recently, I've seen more than a few facebook postings regarding SAHM's. Seems to hit after every conference. From my observation, it seems many think SAHM are under attack for choosing to stay home. Perhaps that's true, but I haven't seen it. I've also seen a couple of recent blogs/postings talking about how difficult and stressful it is. That hasn't been my experience either.....

    I've mentioned before that my wife has been in the workforce for 20 years post MBA, about 18 of those as a working mother. I've been a SAHD for about as long. 3 kids, the oldest a frosh in college and the youngest in 6th grade. When I look at my average workday compared to her average workday, it's no comparison, she has the more difficult and stressful job....and it ain't even close....not by a country mile. I've never had a "career" day in my life, the kind of day where I could be "downsized." Never. Yet, she has "career" days all the time. Measure up, perform or we'll find someone that will.

    So, I'm curious what makes being a SAHM so difficult and stressful? Granted, I can come up with a few money to do anything, working out of the house, home schooling, special needs or sickly child. Other than that????.....

    Notice I didn't address which job is more important. Being a SAHM is infinitely more important. But I'm sorry, it just isn't as difficult or stressful as many would make it out to be. Plus, a lot of the difficulties and stress are self imposed. Over scheduling, and the need to be supermom are the most predominant self imposed stresses I see.

    I'm not sure if its a difference between men and women or what, but, I just don't get it. So, I ask again, under ordinary circumstances, what makes being a SAHM so difficult and stressful?

    As an aside, I came across this hilarious little youtube gem. Warning, salty language. NSFW.
    “Children and dogs are as necessary to the welfare of the country as Wall Street and the railroads.” -- Harry S. Truman

    "You never soar so high as when you stoop down to help a child or an animal." -- Jewish Proverb

    "Three-time Pro Bowler Eric Weddle the most versatile, and maybe most intelligent, safety in the game." -- SI, 9/7/15, p. 107.

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    That was funny. ... imo you said it Best with the "career day" concept.

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    I think the author of this article makes a good point at the end. Comparing whether the working mother or the SAHM is "busier" or, to your point, has a more difficult job really misses the mark.

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    I didn't feel like starting a new thread, so bear with me if I have changed the subject.

    According to one recent calculation, the state of Utah is dead last in the U.S. for women's equality. Idaho is 49th.
    i'm sure stay-at-home moms skew the metrics, but I suspect there is more social/cultural/religious baggage to unpack here about women's standing in society in general. (Btw, I was a SAHD for 3 years)
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