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Thread: DC to SLC Road Trip

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    Kansas City is a nice town - good BBQ (if you like sugar), a nice downtown, if you like church sites Independence is nearby. I also think there is some Dwight Eisenhower stuff if you are a history buff (the Eisenhower library is in Abilene, about 150 west of K.C. but still on I-70). Also, I really like Lawrence - great college town and definitely check out Allen Fieldhouse.
    Any recommendation on places to eat in Kansas City Missouri?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeUte View Post
    Any recommendation on places to eat in Kansas City Missouri?

    I like Strouds Pan Fried Chicken, but I really dig fried chicken and honestly, am pretty amateurish when it comes to distinguishing good food from great food. Neverthless, Strouds in KC, Gus's in Memphis, Monte's in Arkansas come to mind as tasty fried chicken. I can only imagine what New Orleans does with a chicken thigh.
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