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Thread: Map of Each State's Favorite Meat: ...Utah's is Gelatin!

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    Map of Each State's Favorite Meat: ...Utah's is Gelatin!

    Utah's favorite meat is what?! At least they gave us a runner-up meat of Pastrami with a hat tip to Crown Burger.

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    If a person can't stomach watching sausage made, they would completely lose it knowing how jello is made...

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    Before looking at the article, my first guess was pork shoulder cooked in a concoction sweetened by some kind of soda pop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sancho View Post
    Tough to pick Andouille for Louisiana over oysters, crawfish, and shrimp. Also, doesn't appear that catfish made the list for any of the Mississippi River states.
    They stipulated that for the purposes of the article that meat=red meat mammal. So no chicken, pork (even though the government considers this red meat), fish, or crustaceans.
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