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Thread: The Kyle Whittingham Thread

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    I like this choice the more it sinks in for his experience alone. I think this might even be a case of two coaches who have grown a lot since they were last together and it might even be a formula for something special. TT was a risky hire, and he did okay, but not great. Let's not forget this was his first exposure at a P5 level as a coach. Now we've got a guy who has probably forgotten more about football than I've ever known.

    Let's bring back some 2008 magic.
    It's the first OC hire that makes complete sense that KW has made since Chow.

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    I had the chance to work very closely with Andy and the offense during his previous stint at Utah. I did self-scout analytics where you examine the offense from an analytical standpoint to try to see what opposing defensive staffs see. It was really pretty interesting stuff if you like that kind of thing. Anyway, Andy's strength IMO is that he really engages the offensive staff in all aspects of game planning. He and the WR coach each reviewed the personnel and schemes of upcoming opponents and came up with their own list of those plays that they each believed would work best given our personnel. The OL and RB coaches did the same for the run game. They would then sit down together and put together their game package. It was a very disciplined process that engaged each coach and resulted in a cohesive offensive staff. I'm excited to see how this season progresses.

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