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    It is my daughters birthday, otherwise I'd be there for sure, but the Tour of Utah will be doing a circuit race around the capital and through the avenues and back downtown. Whether you are a fan or not, it is a sight to see 100+ guys going full speed around corners at speeds over 40 mph with support vehicles doing the same thing.

    It doesn't cost anything, just pick a spot around the route and I promise you'll love it.

    Sit on the corner of Virginia and 100 South for the fastest speeds.

    Start time is 4:40 pm and ends around 7pm.

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    The tour went past my house today in Centerville. Unfortunately I didn't plan ahead, and had to work today, so I am just walking the recap on TV.

    I've ridden my bike up 400 north in Bountiful over a hundred times. It's gratifying to see these pros struggle up the road, although they are still probably going twice as fast as I ever did.
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