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Thread: The mission story thread

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    The mission story thread

    Ok, so, im the teachers quorum advisor and recently we had a sunday where one of the boys was to teach. He showed up unprepared and so the first counselor offered to take over. I love these weeks because it inevitably turns into fun mission stories as we try to get the boys excited to go someday.

    So I told one that i had. It got a good response, so i thought id post here and hear others fun stories....

    I was in a small branch, a very dysfunctionalbranch. The branch president was a convert of maybe 10 years who was almost universally despised for being native american. Another guy wanted a bleszing from me and he wanted to be ressured that hed be the next branch president. Same guy decided he would baptize one of our investigators, even though she had asked ne to.

    Anyway, there was a senior missionary couple who went to the meetinghouse in the daytime on a weekday to get a video to show an inactive family they were working with. The baptismal font was running. They called us to see if we had a service that night, nope.

    The sister opened the folding door into the font. Low and behold, one of the high priests is in there, fully nude taking a bath/shower. Upon being discovered, he just kept on going, even saying "hey, hows it going??" To this elderly woman.

    Oh man.....good times!!

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    So...what country was this in?

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    So...what country was this in?
    Right here in the good old US of A! Backwoods of wisconsin to be precise. When that branch president was released, the stake president opted to call a guy who lived in a ward over an hour away to be that branch's new president, because no one in the branch was a competent fit. They also demoted it from a "branch" to a "basic unit". Church was two hours, they had sacrament meeting and then would split into "priesthood" and "combined relief society and primary". My mission president told me straight up in an interview to not Baptize anyone into that branch because of how bad it was.

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    We had a service activity for our branch where we cleaned up the area around the chapel. The chapel was in a strip mall. The first couselor showed up with a wife-beater type shirt while still wearing his garments underneath. It looked pretty funny.

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    Someone's going to have a pretty good mission story.

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