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FWIW...I played and coached vball at the U (under Coach L) way back when. Had a 35" vertical at 6'1". If I show up today at a stake center for pick-up, in most cases, I would be a super-star -- certainly was one in my younger days. Compare to the Olympians? I am nothing and was nothing. Just nothing. 35" vertical would be nothing to speak of among them. A Standing touch of 10'8" (with one step), even for a 6'1" guy, would be nothing compare to them. Though, I was pretty crafty for an under-sized player. Ball-control and arm-swing speed? I was quite good, but still won't be close.

Just as a point of reference.
Definitely. Volleyball is a third tier sport in the US, but even those guys must be in the 99th percentile for athleticism.