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Thread: 2020 Basketball Recruiting thread

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    This is for the 2020 class.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Jayce's spot goes to a guard.
    If Utah is doing anything to fill Jayce's scholarship (and I have to think that Jayce is definitely gone at this point) they are doing an incredible job of keeping it under wraps. It's been a couple of weeks since they missed on the JC kid that chose WVU and then signed Wenzel. Since then it's been crickets....for weeks.

    Larry said in the Deseret News the other day that he has questioned his previous desire to always fill all 13 scholarships as that just leads to more transfers. This may be him signaling that he will leave Jayce's spot open.

    I think this team is at least one impact veteran guard away from having a reasonable expectation of competing for the NCAA tournament next year. I'm not expecting that guard to be added at this point. Here's to hoping that Gach, Jones, Gaskin and Wenzel make for a much better backcourt than my current expectation.

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    Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

    The future of the past is now!

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    Looks like the fee got paid and we are back up.

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