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Thread: Vermont farmer's snowflake photos were a lifelong passion

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    Vermont farmer's snowflake photos were a lifelong passion

    January 10, 2017 3:47 PM EST - In 1904, Wilson Bentley, who developed an apparatus to photograph snowflakes in the 1880s, beseeched the Smithsonian to care for his collection. (Gillian Brockell / The Washington Post)

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    That is pretty cool.

    When i I first saw the title of this post in the feed, I thought we were starting to attract a lower class of spam bots.
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    In today's day and age of information, it is easy to think of our ancestors as imbecilic buffoons stumbling around in their daily lives not knowing the things we know now. Not often do realize how ingenious they were at being able to do something like this without the knowledge we have today.

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