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Thread: Slavery Reparations

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    Slavery Reparations

    Hereís another J.D. Williams discussion topic. I have not made my mind up about this one. Iím attracted to the approach that South Africa used when Mandela became president and apartheid ended ó some kind of national reconciliation body allowing individuals who were involved or affected to
    speak their minds. Iím not bothered by the idea that there ought to be a commission looking at the issue and making a report. I think the national discussion would be healthy.

    Should the U.S. give cash payments to the descendants of slaves to atone for slavery? Hereís what experts are arguing

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    I don't know. The US paid reparations to Japanese Americans imprisoned during WWII. I believe Germany is still paying reparations for WWII. I don't have a problem with a commission that would receive input from people who claim to be ancestors describing how they believe this has impacted them. It would likely turnout a lot like the NCAA transfer rule. Use the right buzzwords and hire and attorney and you are immediately eligible.

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