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I thought she did recuse herself and DOJ--which is why Comey made the final decision not to prosecute Hilary. I thought the only thing she did (or maybe DOJ) was to advise Comey not to hold a press conference, which he ignored.
She did not recuse herself, and to this day apparently doesn't see a problem with it.


She did say after receiving criticism about her meeting with Bill that she would accept whatever recommendation the FBI made on the matter.

As i understand it, the usual protocol is for the FBI to do their investigation, present the evidence and make their recommendation to the AG and then as the prosecutors they ultimately decide whether to prosecute or not (that is how it has been explained to me on both the national and local level). Then the AG can announce whatever they determined to do.

Comey's excuse was that despite their recommendation that Clinton not be prosecuted he feared that because Lynch was perceived by the public as compromised by Bill Clinton her announcing it would result in a credibility crisis and call into question her and the FBIs integrity on the matter (looks like that happened anyway).

I don't think he was wrong about that -- the Republicans would have had a hay day with that one. Hindsight being 20/20 and if he was solely interested in job preservation he would have let her fall on that sword and let the storm pass. I think that Comey suffers from some pretty big hubris though and felt like he was the only one who could defend truth and justice as he saw it. I also think he was a non-politician playing a politicians game.