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Thread: Life in the Trump Era, Part 2

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    It looks like Van Der Zwaan is the son in law of Russian-Ukrainian oligarch German Khan (weird name, huh?), worked for a firm in DC called "Scadden".

    He helped produce a PR report in 2012 that sought to make the Russian leaning Ukrainian president Viktor Yanokovych - for whom Manafort apparently worked for a decade - look better than the negative reaction to his locking up his opposition, Yulia Tymoshenko. ("Lock Her Up" wasn't exactly a novel concept, it looks like. Manafort's boss actually did it, in the Ukraine.)

    (Yanokovych who was overthrown during the Ukrainian revolution, fled to Moscow, and Yulia Tymoshenko was released from prison by the Ukrainian legislature / parliament.)

    Very, very interestingly, Van Der Zwaan's father in law Khan is the owner of Alfa Bank, the organization that was communicating with Trump Tower at key inflection points during the campaign, according to DNS administrators interviewed for the Slate article I referenced from Oct 31, 2016.

    (Alfa Bank was also fingered by Christopher Steele in his dossier as being a conduit between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.)

    Another source indicates Mueller nailed VDZ for lying because they recovered encrypted communications between VDZ and the person he said he hadn't spoken with, hence the indictment.

    This may amount to very little... or it may indicate Mueller is closing in.

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    I donít mind notes. I think anyone in such a position would use notes.

    But itís mind boggling to me that POTUS has to have ďI Hear YouĒ written down when meeting with mass shooting victims. Empathy shouldnít require notes.

    To me thatís more evidence of possible cognitive issues than anything.

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