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Thread: Season Efficiency 2017-2018

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    Utah 72 Colorado 54 (Utah 64-54)

    Justin Bibbins 18 +1.9 McKinley Wright IV 17 #28
    Sedrick Barefield 12 +3.1 Lucas Siewert 14
    Donnie Tillman 12 +2.7 Tyler Bey 10
    Tyler Rawson 8 -7.9 George King 9
    Jayce Johnson 7 -1.6 D'Shawn Schwarts 7
    Chris Seeley 7 +3.0 Dallas Walton 5
    David Collette 6 -8.9 Lazar Nikolic -3
    Parker Van Dyke 2 -2.2 Dominique Collier -4
    Gabe Bealer 1 -4.4 Namon Wright -5
    Jake Connor 0 -0.5

    Kolbe Caldwell -1 -2.6

    First off, hope David gets better. That hurt my leg just looking at it.

    The good news is guys like Tillman and Seeley stepped up and filled in for David when he went down.
    One of the announcers said "Utah didn't have this gameplan going into the game and wouldn't have switched to it but it's working."
    Seeley and Tillman were athletic enforcers out there and it was to Utah's advantage.

    Colorado took +15 more shots in the game and had +24 possessions.
    Utah was +13/+15 from the free throw line as Colorado was +9 on fouls.

    Utah was +23.3% from deep shooting 40% for the game 8/20 and Utah was +5 makes from deep.
    Colorado killed Utah on the glass, +10 offensive boards and +11 total rebounds. That's where they got the extra possessions.I
    Their hustle kept them in the game. Utah just simply shot the ball better.

    +3.3% from the field
    +23.3% from deep
    +13.3% from the line = Win

    It was a pretty average game across the board except for blocks. 11 blocks combined marks the 5th time this year a Utah game had 10+ blocks. Bufs 5 Utes 6.

    Big tournament coming up.
    I'd say right now Utah is not in the big dance.
    A win over Oregon gives them 33% chance
    A win over USC gives them a 70% chance
    A loss over Arizona gives them a 70% chance
    A win over Arizona gives them a 100% chance (auto bid)

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    Nice to see Tillman's numbers jump. He's had enough time to get his legs under him. He's not a freshman anymore.

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    Oregon 74 Utah 74 (Oregon 68-66)

    Justin Bibbins 21 +4.7 MiKyle McIntosh 17 #28
    David Collette 16 +1.0 Elijah Brown 17 #28
    Tyler Rawson 13 -2.8 Paul White 10
    Parker Van Dyke 8 +3.6 Kenny Wooten 10
    Sedrick Barefield 7 -1.8 Payton Pritchard 6
    Gabe Bealer 4 -1.4 Victor Bailey Jr. 3
    Jayce Johnson 2 -6.3 Keith Smith 2
    Chris Seeley 0 -3.8 Troy Brown 1
    Donnie Tillman 0 -8.9 Abu Kigab 1

    First off, great effort from Collette. He said he wasn't going to miss the game due to the ankle. Guy is a badass.
    Utah needs more guys like Collette and Alex Jensen. Guys who will get their hands dirty and play through some pain.
    Toughness, Krystkowiak kind of guys. Guys like Mawien, Zamora, Daniels and Reyes who can't take the heat are fine to leave.
    Before you jump all over me and say Mawien had a nice year at Kansas State, I am fully aware.
    Reyes also had a good year at Pepperdine last year, I understand.

    Guys like Bibbins, Rawson and Collette are Utah type players, Krystkowiak type players. Accepting that makes transfers much easier.

    As for this game. Oregon owned the second chances and the glass. Ballgame.
    +9 on rebounds. +10 on shot attempts. +18 on possessions. -3 on turnovers...and the efficiency score was still a tie.
    It was there for Utah, they lost it.

    In 11 losses Utah was -78 rebounds. 1-10 where they won the rebounding war.
    In 19 wins Utah was +33 rebounds. 9-10 where they won the rebounding war.
    Yes, Utah was only 10-20 in rebounding wins on the season.

    Offensive rebounding was much of the same
    In 11 losses Utah was -31 offensive rebounds. 5-5-1 where they won the rebounding war.
    In 19 wins Utah was -54 offensive rebounds. 6-12-1 where they won the rebounding war.
    Yes, Utah was only 11-19 in offensive rebounding wins on the season.

    Granted, as a team Utah shot 45.6% on the season to their opponents 41.7% so they had more offensive rebounding opportunities (+105 more to be exact) but Utah has to get those as defensive boards to get to that next level.

    Look at the top Offensive rebounding teams (North Carolina, Cincinnati, Duke) and total rebounds (Xavier, Duke, Gonzaga, Michigan St.). Rebounding wins games.

    I'll do a full season recap soon. Maybe after the NIT game(s).
    It's been a fun season, this team overachieved (7th preseason in P12) and played their hearts out. I'm very proud of what they did this year.

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    I wonder how that looks if you calculate the % of missed shots that we got an offensive rebound on. It should be pretty easy to calculate if you already have the shot totals.

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    I already calculate all of that. Goal is +25% of misses shots to gain an offensive rebound.
    On the flip side the goal is +75% of opponent missed shots to gain a defensive rebound.

    I've been reporting those numbers most of the season, I'll do a full report at sometime on that because I find it very interesting.

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