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Thread: Season Efficiency 2017-2018

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    Oregon 74 Utah 74 (Oregon 68-66)

    Justin Bibbins 21 +4.7 MiKyle McIntosh 17 #28
    David Collette 16 +1.0 Elijah Brown 17 #28
    Tyler Rawson 13 -2.8 Paul White 10
    Parker Van Dyke 8 +3.6 Kenny Wooten 10
    Sedrick Barefield 7 -1.8 Payton Pritchard 6
    Gabe Bealer 4 -1.4 Victor Bailey Jr. 3
    Jayce Johnson 2 -6.3 Keith Smith 2
    Chris Seeley 0 -3.8 Troy Brown 1
    Donnie Tillman 0 -8.9 Abu Kigab 1

    First off, great effort from Collette. He said he wasn't going to miss the game due to the ankle. Guy is a badass.
    Utah needs more guys like Collette and Alex Jensen. Guys who will get their hands dirty and play through some pain.
    Toughness, Krystkowiak kind of guys. Guys like Mawien, Zamora, Daniels and Reyes who can't take the heat are fine to leave.
    Before you jump all over me and say Mawien had a nice year at Kansas State, I am fully aware.
    Reyes also had a good year at Pepperdine last year, I understand.

    Guys like Bibbins, Rawson and Collette are Utah type players, Krystkowiak type players. Accepting that makes transfers much easier.

    As for this game. Oregon owned the second chances and the glass. Ballgame.
    +9 on rebounds. +10 on shot attempts. +18 on possessions. -3 on turnovers...and the efficiency score was still a tie.
    It was there for Utah, they lost it.

    In 11 losses Utah was -78 rebounds. 1-10 where they won the rebounding war.
    In 19 wins Utah was +33 rebounds. 9-10 where they won the rebounding war.
    Yes, Utah was only 10-20 in rebounding wins on the season.

    Offensive rebounding was much of the same
    In 11 losses Utah was -31 offensive rebounds. 5-5-1 where they won the rebounding war.
    In 19 wins Utah was -54 offensive rebounds. 6-12-1 where they won the rebounding war.
    Yes, Utah was only 11-19 in offensive rebounding wins on the season.

    Granted, as a team Utah shot 45.6% on the season to their opponents 41.7% so they had more offensive rebounding opportunities (+105 more to be exact) but Utah has to get those as defensive boards to get to that next level.

    Look at the top Offensive rebounding teams (North Carolina, Cincinnati, Duke) and total rebounds (Xavier, Duke, Gonzaga, Michigan St.). Rebounding wins games.

    I'll do a full season recap soon. Maybe after the NIT game(s).
    It's been a fun season, this team overachieved (7th preseason in P12) and played their hearts out. I'm very proud of what they did this year.

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    I wonder how that looks if you calculate the % of missed shots that we got an offensive rebound on. It should be pretty easy to calculate if you already have the shot totals.

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    I already calculate all of that. Goal is +25% of misses shots to gain an offensive rebound.
    On the flip side the goal is +75% of opponent missed shots to gain a defensive rebound.

    I've been reporting those numbers most of the season, I'll do a full report at sometime on that because I find it very interesting.

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    Utah 86 - UC Davis 56 - NIT Round 1 (Utah 69-59)

    Justin Bibbins 21 +4.5 Michael Onyebalu 17 #28
    Tyler Rawson 16 +0.2 TJ Shorts II 13
    Donnie Tillman 15 +5.8 Garrison Goode 10
    David Collette 9 -5.8 AJ John 7
    Jayce Johnson 9 +0.7 Siler Schneider 3
    Sedrick Barefield 7 -1.8 Rogers Printup 1
    Gabe Bealer 6 +0.6 Joe Mooney 0
    Parker Van Dyke 1 -3.3 Arell Hennings 0
    Kolbe Caldwell 0 -1.5 Colin Russell 0

    Tillman didn't fill up the stat sheet but he was efficient across the board.
    3/4 from the field. 5/7 from the line. 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 0 turnovers. Good enough for a 15 PER.
    If 5 or 6 guys did this every night, Utah would be a powerhouse in NCAA.

    Bibbins continues to be the leader of this team. 5/11 shooting but 6 rebounds and 2 assists and a steal.

    Utah was -13 on personal fouls and +12/+15 from the line. Ball game.
    Utah was the aggressor and they used their size to overpower UC Davis into foul trouble.

    I think the NIT three (1'8" further) didn't help the Utes. 7/28 was the 4th worst shooting percentage of the season.
    Utah was +2 on makes from three but +11 in attempts. UC Davis was +4.4% better
    The 128 points was the 5th lowest of the year (Colorado 118 total)

    Utah collected 26.9% of offensive rebounding opportunities and 80% of defensive rebounding opportunities.
    On the defensive boards this was the 5th best of the year (94.1% at Colorado 32 rebounds on 34 opportunities)
    On the offensive board Utah had 26 missed shots and picked up 7 offensive boards.

    Utah had a high ast/shot percentage 34% of all shots gained an assist. Goal is 28%. Vs UC Davis was the 5th best performance there.
    Utah had 77 possessions (avg 63.2) due to 5 steals and +6 on rebounds.

    It wasn't a great game but Utah won and now they play LSU on Monday in the 2nd round.
    LSU is 18-14 - Lead by 5'11" Tremont Waters. They have a 6'11" guy who can shoot. 18/42 from deep 43% for the year Duop Reath. He's a Sudanese by way of Australia big man who spreads the floor.
    LSU runs deep, usually 9 guys see double digits in playing time but in their 2OT first round win only 8 guys saw the floor. Reath had 26 pts and 11 boards. He outweighs Collette by 20 pounds but we might see Jayce on him.
    FYI Reath first saw snow about 4 months ago, Utah could be strange for him.

    LSU ranks 36th in FG%, 62nd best for turnovers. Both teams rebound about the same (meaning bad), LSU averages almost 8 steals per game (30th in the nation) so Utah must not turn the ball over.
    They're a lot like USC with their pace and length. USC shoots better from three and rebounds better but LSU is better at defense and getting to the line.

    LSU has 7 wins over tournament teams (Michigan, Houston, TAMU x2, Arkansas x2 and Missouri)
    Utah has 3 wins over tournament teams (UCLA, Missouri and Arizona State)

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    Utah 114 LSU 74 (Utah 95-71)

    Tyler Rawson 20 +4.1 Tremont Waters 21 #17
    Gabe Bealer 16 +10.3 Skylar Mays 14
    Justin Bibbins 16 -0.4 Aaron Epps 13
    Jayce Johnson 15 +6.4 Daryl Edwards 10
    David Collette 14 -0.7 Randy Onwuasor 8
    Sedrick Barefield 13 +4.1 Duop Reath 7
    Donnie Tillman 8 -1.1 Brandon Sampson 0
    Chris Seeley 5 +1.2 Marshall Graves 0
    Parker Van Dyke 4 -0.3 Wayde Sims 0
    Kolbe Caldwell 2 +0.4 Reed Vial -1
    Jakub Jokl 1 -0.6

    Jake Connor -1 -1.4

    Christian Popoola -1 -1.5

    Utah owned the glass and walked away with a victory
    +11 total
    +9 defensive boards
    +2 offensive boards

    LSU stayed in the game on defense, +6 steals and +1 blocks to keep the score under 30
    Utah passing game has been a major improvement.

    The refs let them play. Only 28 total fouls called. This was the 5th all year where a Utah game had under 30 fouls called (average is 36.1)
    Utah shot 57.9% from the field, easily the best shooting for the year (previous 54.9% vs California)
    This was the first game all year where Utah shot over 50% from three 14/27 51.9%
    This was the only game all year where the teams combined for 50% or better shooting (59/116 combined), most of that was Utah.

    Utah had 20 assists. Utah is now 5-0 when they get 20+ assists (Avg 15.6)
    Utah has 36 assists in the NIT on 104 shot attempts which is 34.6%. A great game is 30% or higher. Utah on the season is 28.6% assists to shot attempts.

    Utah scored on 46.4% of their possessions, 22% of the possessions were a 2pt shot, avg 24.8% and 16.2% of possessions were three's, avg 16.2%

    Utah picked up 90.9% of defensive rebounding opportunities and 29.2% of offensive boards.
    Remember 75% and 25% are the goals. Utah is 6-1 when they reach those numbers (Only loss was USC at JMHC) That game was lost on turnovers.

    The turning point in this game was early. Barefield hit a 3 with 3:58 left in the 1st quarter putting Utah up by 13 (22-9) and they never looked back. LSU only scored one more basket the rest of the quarter and Utah led 30-11.

    Next up St. Mary's
    Utah looks to be an early 5 point underdog.
    St. Mary's is good. Jock Landale is legit 5. 21 points 10 boards, 64% shooting. I watched him single handed beat BYU, twice. He's put up seven 30+ scoring games and pulled down 18+ rebound twice.
    Utah has to rebound against them or they will get destroyed. Hermanson, Ford and Krebs are great shooters. Their point is Emmett Naar. Typical Australian point guard. Gritty, smart, 4 year player. The Gaels go about 7 deep.
    Landale isn't an NBA guy, he's slow and not a stretch 5 that the NBA is moving to. He's old school, back to the basket post up guy who can pass to open shooters. He's not a black hole when he gets the ball and that's what makes St Mary's tough because you almost have to double him. He outweighs everybody on Utah by at least 25 pounds. Jayce will probably get the assignment just because of his size but it's going to be tough.

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    Utah 75 St. Marys (CA) 55 (Utah 67-58 OT)

    Tyler Rawson 25 +8.8 Tanner Krebs 19 #24
    Sedrick Barefield 15 +5.9 Jock Landale 17 #30
    David Collette 11 -3.6 Calvin Hermanson 10
    Jayce Johnson 11 +2.3 Emmett Naar 2
    Justin Bibbins 7 -2.5 Jordan Hunter 2
    Gabe Bealer 3 -2.6 Jordan Ford 1
    Donnie Tillman 2 -6.8 Evan Fitzner 1
    Kolbe Caldwell -1 -2.5 Elijah Thomas 0
    Parker Van Dyke -2 -6.1 Tommy Kuhse 0

    Cullen Neal -1

    Utes depth won this game. The Gaels only went 5 deep and their bench had a total of 16 minutes and 4 points
    The Utes bench went 58 minutes. They only had 9 points but a game this close every little bit counts.
    The extra minutes gave invaluable experience to Johnson, Tillman and VanDyke. Granted, some of that was due to Collette having a back issue.
    Overall, a team win.

    Utah slowed down Landale but he still got his. 2/7 from the line was huge. Utah free throw defense comes up clutch.
    Utah got killed on the offensive glass. 16 boards which was 47.1% of their opportunities. Remember 25% or lower is the goal for a defense.
    That kept St Marys in the game, otherwise Utah really owned this game.
    Utah defense held St Marys to 40.4% shooting and 31.8% from three. On the season they're 52% from the floor and 41% from deep.

    Utah forced 15 turnovers which was huge (4th most this season for Utah opponent) and the Gaels only average 10 per game.
    On the flip side Utah only had 8 turnovers (4th least this season for Utah game) and only 11.8% of possessions resulted in a turnover, season average is 18.5%

    Utah was -14 on rebounds but +7 on turnovers, wash. It was the little things and Barefield getting hot that sealed the victory for Utah.

    The turning point was 4:05 into overtime when Naar missed a jumper and Bealer grabbed the rebound. It was 54-54 and Sed came down and made a three. 57-54.
    The dagger was 2:11 into overtime when Barefield hit a three to put Utah up 60-57. Utah finished the game on a 10-1 run to win by 9.

    Next up.
    Western Kentucky Hilltoppers 27-10 - Best win over Purdue 77-73. Lost to Villanova by 8
    They have some bad losses on their resume, at Ohio by 5 at UTSA by 11.
    They're 12-3 at home but 7-5 on the road and 4-2 neutral
    Top 40 RPI. 3-2 vs tournament teams. (3 games vs Marshall 2-1)

    Really a deep team that goes 8 deep with 3 seniors, 1 junior and 4 freshman. Young team.
    They aren't big and they don't shoot great from three but their mid range game is really good.
    They were only 5/13 from three vs OK State, Hollingsworth is their only threat from deep, 6'2" freshman PG
    Their best passer is Darius Thompson 6'4" shooting guard who gets open, draws the D and then finds the open guy, usually Justin Johnson
    Johnson is a 6'7" senior forward who is a lot like Rawson and does everything.
    52% from the field, 42% from three (only 3 attempts per game), 9 rebounds a block, assist and a steal per game.
    Rawson is a better passer but Johnson is a better rebounder.

    Utes match up well vs the Hilltoppers, with Collette, because they aren't very big. But they're athletic and they move so Utah needs to have that zone on point.

    Western Kentucky is an early 1pt favorite.

    Go Utes!

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