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Thread: 2017-2018 NCAA Basketball

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    Quote Originally Posted by sancho View Post
    Seems clear that the only way we could have made the tournament as an at large was by beating Arizona at least once. No other team in the conference really gave us a chance at a quality win.
    Beat Arizona in Tucson, and ASU in SLC, and we're in. That knocks USC down to third in league play, gives us a Q1 road win and another Q2 home win. We also dodge Oregon in the quarters, and get Oregon State instead. Yes, we likely get USC again, but losing to them wouldn't be a massive issue, and would boost Troy's resume. ASU and another team (UCLA? Syracuse?) gets left out, and Utah and USC get in.

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    Pac-12 has put together a task force to try and improve college basketball.......

    In addition to a lot of the stuff that people talk about, I love the part of the proposal that seeks to make the often-shady AAU less relevant.

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