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Thread: 2017-2018 NCAA Basketball

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    They're in the sweet spot. Great recruits (they've had a lot of 4/5 stars) but not good enough to be one-and-done's.

    That's where everyone wants to be, but no one has a formula for it. So far, the strategy is to recruit the best players you can get and hope it all works out. Since the one-and-done era began, we've seen two types of champion: the one-and-done team and the experienced senior team (and some hybrids). But so far, all champs in this era are basketball power programs with McDonald's All-Americans on the roster.
    They have a McD AA jointing next season along with a couple of four stars. Ranked 12 right now. By the time its done, they could easily crack the top 10. Was bound to happen as they're quickly emerging as a modern day blue blood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sancho View Post
    Also, the recruiting class rankings don't include transfers. Paschall, probably the 2nd most valuable player for Nova in this tournament, was recruited out of Fordham. He was freshman of the year there, so I'm guessing he was a highly recruited transfer. Seems like these high profile transfers are going to be more and more important for power programs.
    Transfers has been our saving grace. Without transfers, we’d be sunk.

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    Good bye, RPI. You will not be missed!

    Edit: there are almost no details on the new metric (NET). I hope it's harder to game this ranking than the RPI.
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    I love this week in basketball. Great games left and right in tournaments.

    I hate seeing someone as cool as Donnie Daniels coaching for a dirtbag like Mark Few.

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