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Thread: The Pervalanche Thread

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    Coverup was last straw in Moonves' ouster from CBS: report

    New York Times reports that he was being blackmailed and was trying to get his blackmailer a job at CBS.

    Threats and Deception: Why CBSs Board Turned Against Leslie Moonves

    It's amazing how much trouble corporate titans can get into because of sex.


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    This seems like as good of a place to put it as any - mods feel free to move if you want - this is not meant to undermine sexual abuse allegations by the way:

    Sltrib: His sons say they lied about being sexually abused. Now a Utah father is asking a judge to find him factually innocent.

    I suppose what is fascinating to me are a few things:

    1. If the mother coerced her children to make this accusation it seems that she should be responsible. It seems like a deterrent for false accusations of this sort would be that if a person was found to have indeed purposely created false allegations, they should have to serve the same time (obviously not for children).
    2. Our legal system is interesting, in that I am sure he was encouraged to plead guilty to a lesser sentence, which has now muddied the waters quite a bit. But this seems pretty common.
    3. He was basically coerced into admitting guilt just so that he could complete his recovery therapy and get parole.

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