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Thread: Cambridge Analytica

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    Cambridge Analytica

    As more and more people are digging into the relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, some interesting things are being discovered.

    It isn't just about mining personal data and targeting ads. This is full blown political espionage.

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    It looks like Bannon helped form CA with the help of the Mercers, and was the chief over Alexander Nix in determining direction during the campaign.

    The Democratic part of the House Intel Committee is bringing Cambridge's senior leader who decided to come clean, Christopher Wylie, in for questioning. (Wylie previously disclosed that they were getting a lot of questions about exactly how they analyze / influence US elections from a Russian oil company client, which he thought was very odd.)

    Facebook's chief data officer has been suspended, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being asked to testify before the UK Parliament, and Cambridge Analytica's CEO, Nix, has been suspended.

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