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Yup, SLC has been and continues to be severely mismanaged. But we do have special bike lanes now (coming from a biker - who thinks it is ridiculous, not only for the expense, but also because they never planned to string the lanes together in a useful way, so you find yourself riding along in a lane that suddenly disappears and you find yourself in the middle of some 6 lane road), and Harvey Milk Blvd.
If you dig into the budgets, as revenues grew the expenses that grew were quite interesting.

Streets had modest growth

Police and Fire have seen modest growth. (Police until this year had not seen an increase in allowed officers since basically the 80’s)

Parks and public services have grown more than police and fire.

Non departmental spending has soared. Much of that has been services for homeless and low income folks. We’re talking $30M+

Then there’s the bike lanes. $500,000 to study and indoor farmers market. $1,000,000 a year to UTA for the ‘S Line’.

It’s quite interesting to dig through.

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