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Thread: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words -- A Photography Thread

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    I contribute photos on the "other" board, and figured I could add to this thread. Here are some of my favourite recent images I have shared.

    Just finished a painting, and I almost like the remnants left behind from the clean up more than the actual work of art:

    About a month ago, during a short warm spell, I got out and got a couple of good shots of a modern wood stringer bridge:

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    Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing!

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    Visited Mormon Red Death this past long weekend. He took us to the beach. It was chilly, but certainly warmer than whence we came. Here are a couple of my favourite shots:

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    Great pics. I love the photos of the art room floor.

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    tooblue--what kind of camera do you have

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    Quote Originally Posted by concerned View Post
    tooblue--what kind of camera do you have
    I shoot with an older Cannon 6D, with a 24-105mm lens (which is standard for the camera). The pics of my art table and edge tape scraps were shot using a 35mm 1:2 IS USM lens. It's particularly useful capturing depth of field pics in low-light conditions.

    To clarify, I am not a photographer—I know enough to capture a good image, but more importantly I am adept at post-editing in the RAW Photoshop development environment, which is the new darkroom process for photogs. All professionally shot images have been heavily edited in RAW/Photoshop. Knowing what you are doing at the point of shooting, along with using artificial lighting helps greatly in mitigating how much post editing needs to be done. But don't be fooled, all really good photographs have been heavily post edited. Here's a shot from late last summer of the mist on the empty field adjacent to our home:

    Original shot with minimal editing:

    Heavily edited shot applying layers of HDR toning, among other techniques:
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    Some shots from the snow storm we got today, and of the Easter Sunday dinner table:

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    Shot these yesterday ...

    Roughly 6:30 pm

    Roughly 8:40 pm

    Roughly 8:45 pm

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