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Thread: Utah vs Cal - PAC 12 play starts this weekend.

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    Relf with an RBI triple, Scaggari grounds out to SS to end the inning, 5-1 Cal leads.

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    3rd straight inning Pond gets the lead off batter out, walks 2nd and gives up a hit to the 3rd.

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    Pond finally pitches a scoreless inning. With runners on 2nd and 3rd Pond gets the next 2 batters. 5-1 bottom of the 3rd.

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    Cal retires the side in order. 5-1 Cal, on to the 4th.

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    Ben Mordini warming up in the bullpen. Pond gave up a lead off dbl, Kd next.

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    Cal scores on a WP, 6-1 2 out top of the 4th. Pond with another walk. Young catches the runner stealing 2nd. Bottom of the 4th Nielsen up to bat.

    That's probably it for Pond.

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    Nielsen with a lead off dbl, pulled up rounding 1st and limped into 2nd, says he is okay.

    Must be okay cause he then steals 3rd.

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    Utes can't do anything with RISP. Pond to start the 5th.

    West is now warming up along with Mordini.

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    Big 8-3 dbl play.

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    After the dbl play Pond puts the next 2 on, Scaggari with a great stop at SS, throw not in time, runner scores from 3rd.

    Next play Scaggari can't hang on to it, charged as E6, bases loaded 2 out.

    Defense finally makes a play to end the inning with bases loaded

    Pond has pitched 5 complete innings, I would be surprised if he stars the 6th.

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    Relf with a lead off dbl.

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    Yagi with an RBI single, scores Relf from 3rd. 2 out Cal leads 7-2, bottom of the 5th.

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    Stupid! Yagi gets caught in a run down trying to steal 2nd to end the inning.

    West is on the mound to start the 6th.

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    I think the last time West pitched was against UC Davis, been awhile.

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    West with some great pitching, retires the side in order, all GO.

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    Carroll with a lead off triple, hope we can bring him in.

    And as I'm typing Nielsen hits an RBI dbl.

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    Wow, Rezac with a solid hit to left 3rd base coach holds up Nielsen, could have easily scored.

    One difference between the Utes and Cal, Cal is more aggressive running the bases. No reason not to send Nielsen.

    Cal with a pitching change.

    7-3 Cal.

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    What's interesting is we will waste outs bunting but we won't force a play at the plate.

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    Smith trying to bunt, the ball looked like it deflects up into his face. He's okay, awarded the base. No PR for Smith.

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    Bases loaded 1 out, Relf pops out. We need to advantage of these situations.

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    Scaggari reaches on a E6, runner scores, 7-4, 2 out bases loaded.

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    Ground out to the pitcher to end the inning. Too many missed opportunities. 7-4 Cal top of the 7th.

    Carroll with a terrible throw to 1st, almost went int the stands. 3rd error for the Utes. Defensive play is hurting us.

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    West gives up back-to-back RBI singles, both through the SS and 3B hole before ending the inning on a 6-4-3 dbl play.

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    Yagi with the HR, cuts the lead 9-5.

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    On to the 8th, Nick Green on the mound. Difference in this game is that Kody Davis error in the 2nd that should of ended the inning, following play a grand slam. 9-5 Cal.

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    3 up 3 down for Green. B8 Cal leads 9-5.

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    Thanks for doing the play by play. I have been away from my computer, and flash doesn't work on my phone
    “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
    André Gide

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    Green retires the side in order, on to the B9, come on offense we need this win.

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    Kody Davis with the lead off walk, 0 out.

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    Yagi PO to LF, 1 out B9.

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