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Thread: Life in the Trump Era, Part 2

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    I don't see any problem with taking a wait-and-see approach (particularly when your opinion has zero bearing on the matter). The article rightfully points out that there have been soooooo many "This.Is.Big." moments that aren't actually big it's hard to take much credence in them. Chris Cilliza's life seems devoted to that and making those "24 shocking things the president said..." 23 of which aren't actually shocking.

    I'm done with the noise on the investigation until the report comes out. Little doubt Mueller will be thorough and detailed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LA Ute View Post
    But, my friend, you have “known” from the beginning that all allegations against Trump were true, or were just about to be proven. I can’t stand Trump, and I expect something bad to happen to him because of his misbehavior, but I’m not as convinced as you and others here are that he’s guilty guilty guilty. Whether or not someone is convinced of the allegations against Trump clearly depends on their political outlook, in almost all cases. There are exceptions on both sides of the aisle, of course. But what I have said is generally true.
    I certainly saw smoke, early. (I'm agnostic on the pee-tape, and Cohen's trip to Prague may not have occurred. But the Dossier's general theme is being generally manifested through what's emerged so far.)

    Trump supporters have knocked Mueller's work and the SDNY / State of NY actions as not being Russia related, or not being linked to the President directly, only to advisors who are now gone (Manafort, Cohen, Flynn), etc. The NYT reporting this week the FBI (post Comey firing) opened an inquiry into whether Trump's actions were undermining US national security is a key opening into the notion that the President himself may be acting at the behest of a foreign adversary.

    The cabinet meeting last week where Trump asserted the Soviets invaded Afghanistan only to fight terrorists is another small piece of a larger puzzle that makes sense... in one direction. (What are the chances that Trump came up with the same explanation for Afghanistan history in 1979 that only exists within Putin's political party in Russia... completely independently?)

    Trump has impressively transformed the GOP away from many of their core values. (Remember when deficit reduction and free-trade were hallmarks of Republican thinking?)

    There are threats of provoked Constitutional crisis from different angles: Declaring a State of Emergency on the border wall, Guiliani claiming Trump has the right to "correct" Mueller's report before it goes to Congress, etc.

    Based on what has been revealed so far, the work of Mueller suggests more serious allegations are coming. (I also sense that removal from office is increasingly unlikely, given how malleable Republicans have proven to be. "Better to be Russian than a Democrat", right?)

    Rocker said it best - Trump has no interest in a wall. (He once said that walls divide us. How ironic.) He just wants the *fight*, the primary objective is to disrupt & divide. If the Dems gave him the $5.6B, we would soon find a new issue to fight about, to be viewed as something so serious that a state of emergency may need to be considered.

    Noticing the water around you has little bubbles forming on the bottom of the pot? Or that's just the latest, adjusting equilibrium?

    Let's jump up 20,000 feet to help me make my point: the UK is teetering toward a very, very rough landing, a no-deal Brexit, or a deal that half the Tories think is a horrendous sell out.

    (What would be so wrong about a re-vote? … given the revelations that social media was used to sow discord & amplify the "Leave" campaign's position, from the same Oligarch's troll farm... while assassinations have been attempted on English soil, from the Oligarch's nation? The conditions have changed quite a bit, more knowledge has come out, right?)

    A UK in turmoil, separated from Europe, as the American tribes fight each other and leave their values in the rearview mirror benefits what global entity? (Are we still looking at trees? Or does every tree need to be studied before we declare the existence of a forest?)
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    Back down to an altitude where we can realistically address what is in front of us:

    - I think the Dems & Republicans should provide the $5.6B, to be allocated for border security on the recommendations of a board of experts. Let Trump spin a win, get the government re-opened. [I personally think the Commerce Department's inability to provide economic data is far more serious than most realize.]

    - Pelosi should steer away from Impeachment and instead look at multiple, narrow votes of censure, based on specific instances of presidential malpractice. This will help bring some Republicans onboard, help them recover their values as they face re-election.

    We need reason and movement back toward consensus.

    We'll always have plenty of policy issues to debate and differ on, but now more than ever "united we stand, divided we fall".
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    Will the Media Be Trump's Accomplice Again in 2020?

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